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3 Tips To Win Every Fortnite Season 5 Game

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We reached out to a few of our sponsored Fortnite e-sport athletes to see what tips they had to share to win every Fortnite game you play... Here's what they had to say!


1. Get The High Ground

Once an enemy is spotted, analyze your location and surroundings before engaging in a fight. Look around to see if there is any high ground you can obtain prior to shooting. It can be a building or mountain. Try and find something that is not easily shot down. Then build upon that high ground. Now, begin engaging with your opponent. This will increase your odds of winning the gun fight tremendously as it's much more difficult to shoot up than it is to shoot down.

2. Use an Aiming Attachment

All of our sponsored gamers recommended using an aiming attachment such as Gripnites™. Using something that is cost effective and improves your aim instantly will greatly increase your odds of winning. While we ranked this one number 2, it was an even tie for #1 between using Gripnites™ and obtaining the high ground. This tip shouldn't be taken lightly!

3. Analyze the Battle Bus Route

Use the ability to see the Battle Bus route prior to drop in to your advantage. Dropping in anywhere near the battle bus line will result in a much higher quantity of players and battles to engage it. This can be counter productive to your chances of winning as you are likely to get pinched between multiple players. Try playing the outskirts of the map away from the battle bus line occasionally. 

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